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White and Pink Esthetics
Along with the important developments in white aesthetics, the expectations of the pink aesthetics of environmental soft tissues have changed. This is particularly the case in the upper jaw front region.
Pink Aesthetic
An aesthetic smile is not only possible with white, regular teeth, but also with gums that are compatible with these teeth. The name of the aesthetic gum application is pink aesthetic. The health, color and level of the gums complement the dental aesthetics is the first step in providing a harmonious, harmonious and clean smile to the teeth and gums. A healthy gum is a light pink color, firmly adhered to the teeth and bones, and looks like a bright but lumpy appearance similar to orange peel.


In gingival enlargement and deep pockets, removal of the gingiva is the process of removal. Later, the gingival contours are corrected so that the gingiva can take a physiological and aesthetic form.



The gums may look too short in the mouth when the gingival tissues cover the teeth too much. This is called "gummy smile" and has a bad effect on aesthetics. Excessive gingiva or asymmetric gingival levels can be corrected with a small operation called `Gingivoplasti`.
With the local anesthesia to be made to the patient, necessary arrangements can be made in the gum without feeling anything. Aesthetic results can be achieved beyond expectation with full porcelain Laminate or Zirconium porcelains without metal support if it is to be applied afterwards.


Regenerative treatments are applied to reconstitute the supporting tissues that are damaged due to periodontal disease by stimulating the body's own construction mechanisms. Where appropriate, affected tissue may be removed from the disease, resulting in the formation of new supports using membranes, bone grafts, or tissue stimulating proteins.


Soft Tissue Graft

The removal of the gum leaves the resulting root surfaces open. This leads to a pink aesthetic prolongation of the appearance of the teeth, and the exposed root surfaces are susceptible to hot and cold food and beverages.

Depending on various reasons such as hard tooth brushing, harmful habits (nail-eating, pen-bite ... etc), prostheses, orthodontic appliances, aging and periodontal diseases ...
During the treatment phase, the cause leading to the disease must first be identified and controlled or, if possible, removed. Soft tissue grafts are applied to close the root surfaces or to increase lost gum tissue due to withdrawal. This practice also reduces gum withdrawal and bone loss risk. Closing the exposed root surfaces prevents cavities from forming in this region and helps to correct the aesthetic.
In soft tissue graft applications, the gingival tissue taken from the palate region or another donor region of the mouth is used as a 'graft'.

Cron Boy Extension

n the teeth that have lost much tissue, in the teeth extending under the gum, the excess of the gum tissue is removed by the operation of lengthening the length of the crown, so that the bone is reshaped so that the teeth appear longer and thus the restoration of restoration to be applied is increased.

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