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Fissure Sealent
Sealant (Fissure sealent);Since tooth mines are not fully developed when teeth are first removed, newly emerged teeth are generally more resistant to rot and suitable for caries formation.

The ideal time for applying the Fissure Coverers is during the first months of these teeth. In addition, milk teeth, which are the first teeth of your child, can also be protected against decay by Fissure Covers. If the rotten tooth has advanced to the dentin area of the lower layer of the minnie, PRR (Preventive Resin Restoration), which is a rather conservative restoration from the Fissure Sealant, may be more appropriate for your child's dental health. It should not be forgotten that tooth decay is particularly rapid in children, or rather in young teeth that have just started. For this reason, it is very important that the Fissure Coverers are applied without loss of time.

Fissure sealant applications are painless and extremely easy. Children's fear of dentistry is a known condition for all of us. Fissure Fissure applications can significantly reduce children's fear of dentistry. With this practice, the Pedodontist-Child-Family (Pedodontic Triangle) relationship can be brought to the top level. Applying Fissure Sealant First, the tooth to be treated with Fissure Sealant is isolated from the saliva with Rubber Dam (cotton cover) or cotton bumpers. This process is very important to keep the Pissing Cover on the tooth surface. Then the surface of the gel-like surface roughening tooth is applied onto the tooth and the area to be applied is prepared. Fissure in fluid consistency is applied to the tooth and it is cured by blue light (Light Filler). All this takes about 3-5 minutes and your child will not feel any pain during the procedure. After the application of Fissure Sealant, your child can eat and drink immediately if he wants.

To find out more about sealant prices and sealant sealants, call our Dentalist mouth and dental health center. With reasonable price and quality service understanding. Practices of dental treatment with installments ..
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